Will definition – a lesson from the universe

Will definition - an impossible starting point

This is how the universe taught me the lesson of will definition and its importance.

I do hope you will find this inspiring…………

The first time I learned the importance and magnitude of a will definition was when I had to look for an apartment against all odds.

I got into a situation that I had only three weeks to find an apartment.

I barely had free time to look, the demand for apartments was huge.

Rent prices began to rise and there was only a small specific area where I wanted to live.

Fear arises and the concept of compromise is thrown into the air

The more worry I was about the possibility of not finding an apartment, the more I started to compromise on my desires, this felt really bad.

In addition, I came across with very unpleasant landlords that demanded excessive amounts for apartments that didn’t offer great value.

At one point, I even took 2 days off from work.

I ran from one apartment to another seeing about 6-7 apartments each day and nothing….
Nothing felt right, nothing felt like home….

Then, a reasonable possibility came across….. was the best one so far ….. but still a compromise.

With a heavy heart, I agreed to take the apartment as I was afraid I wouldn’t find a better option.

I felt like I had no choice, in the battle between the head and the heart, the head won, my head wanted to feel secure.

In the contract signing process, I faced many difficulties with the landlord.

These difficulties increased with every day that went by.

I tried to ignore them and continue the process but after a few days of facing these difficulties, I suddenly stopped and reminded myself to listen carefully to what the universe is trying to tell me.

My inner voice said the following: “when something becomes too complicated and not flowing, it indicates that it’s not right for you.”

Still, I was afraid to trust this inner voice as I was afraid that I will not find another apartment.

Then I heard my inner voice again “when you are ready to give up on something that is not good enough for you, the universe will reward you with a better option, something that would be better suited to you”, this time my inner voice won and I decided to give up the apartment.

?What do I want without any compromises

At this point, I was a week and a half before the departure date, very stressed and still without a home.
I called a moving company to coordinate the moving and it was pretty funny when they asked me “where to?”
We both laughed when I said: “don’t know yet”
I began to pack …… still without a home.

Then suddenly something stopped me.
Stopped all the frightened, stressful and desperate thoughts, all of them.

It was a very clear moment, it looked like time slowed down, all the background noises were gone and I only heard my inner voice telling me:

“What do you want?
What is that you really really want without any compromises?
Not 90% of your desires, not 98% of them.
What are your 100% desires, your exact will, without a single compromise?
Just tell it yourself, be brave enough and tell yourself what is that you really want.
No one needs to know about it, just express it to yourself clearly and without compromises.
Say whatever you want without fear, without the fear of the possibility of being disappointed.”

And so I did, I took a deep breath and specified exactly what I wanted, location wanted, number of rooms, apartment layout, etc’. I said it all without compromises, I said it all exactly as I really wanted it.

Two days later ……

A week before the departure date ….

I found the long-awaited apartment ……..

At almost impossible conditions and with total disregard for the difficulties of reality, I found exactly what I was looking for.

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