Spiritual Development – The brain is a brake, Emotions are the gas pedal

Spiritual development, mind and heart are on the scales the brain weighs more

Spiritual Development - Emotions

In a process of spiritual development, we may realize that the brain is a blocking factor while the energy of emotions is the key to liberation.

The emotions, all emotions, are part of our life energy flowing through the body.

Their purpose is to flow freely and reach every chakra and chakra in order to charge the organs around.

When the energy reaches the crown chakra it actually connects to the energy of the universe.

Then we feel and understand things related to the spiritual world and this is spirituality.

That is why the emotions are the gas pedal, the part that accelerates us to connect to our spiritual nature from which we were created from.

Spiritual Development - The Brain

The brain belongs to the earthly world.

The brain has one single task, to maintain the body’s survival in the earthly world.

The brain is reluctant to think thoughts or feel emotions that can create bad sensations in the physical body as it thinks it can endanger survival.

In this way, suppression of emotions begins to form, which is actually pushing the emotions down from the chest to the stomach.

So the brain acts the opposite of emotions and detaches the spiritual connection.

Emotions are pushing the energy towards the Crown Chakra in order to have a spiritual connection.

While the brain pushes the emotions into the stomach stopping their flow in the body.

This causes a disconnection of this spiritual connection.

The emotions naturally will want to go out and to be expressed by going from the chest to the throat and from there to the mouth, our expression.

But when the brain does not agree to acknowledge the emotions, they are pushed inward towards the abdominal area.

They imprisoned there and creating a “traffic jam”.

This “traffic jam” is a heavy and compressed energy that continues to be pushed inside until it becomes an automatic action without our awareness.

Acknowledging us as an Energy

The basic understanding that we are energy first and foremost.

We are energy that never ends.

Emotions are part of this energy.

Every emotion, whether it is pleasant or not, seeks reference, seeks to be felt.

He wants to be its nature, meaning being in the flow.

Suppressing emotions stops the Energy flow in the body.

Stress is a state of unwillingness to feel emotions.

 Or more accurately the fear of feeling and experiencing a particular emotion.

Which is why many times stress causes muscle tightening, back problems, neck tension, etc.

Muscle spasm is the result of a lack of energy in this place in the body.

Therefore, it is better to feel and experience every emotion, scary and difficult as it is than not to experience at all and stop the flow of energy in the body.

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