Subconscious Mind Workshop

subconscious mind workshop

Subconscious Mind Workshop

Subconscious Mind Workshop is an emotional release workshop, a combination of experiential and theoretical study in which we learn and understand how to influence the subconscious.

It all starts with awareness, awareness of thoughts, emotions and sensations that my internal world contains.

The first step in the awareness path is getting to know yourself, your inner world, your thoughts, emotions, creating fluent communication with your inner self, inner child.

The internal world creates the “voice within” which is the captain of our ship.

The more we know about this captain, the more we can negotiate with him to change things we don’t like.

In the workshop, we will understand and recognize what our internal world is made of. Each of us has different content in our mind but at the same time, the psyche’s needs and behavior are very similar in all of us.

In order to make real changes in our lives, changes need to be made in a person’s emotional system. In order to do so, one must speak the emotional’s language which is the sensory world – sensations.

Meaning, lot of the work that is done in the workshop is a brainwork bypass. It doesn’t have to be understood, instead we are sensing certain things and we are sensing it in a certain way. Feeling them in the body in a certain way in order to release them.

In the workshop we learn how to let go of emotions and thus release the flow of energy in the body, return to the balance we were born with (peace of mind), return to the source we are.

The more we release heavy emotions, the way to create the reality we wish for is open for us.

Main Topics

We will experience the topics in the workshop sometimes in a mental way and sometimes in a sensory/physical way.

Do we see the truth?

    • Two levels of truth – the great truth and the truth that our mind sees.

Who and what am I?

    • I am an energetic consciousness.
    • I have an innate personality structure that supposes to serve the purpose of my destiny.
    • In the physical world, I have a physical body that is managed by a survival mind that creates a personal internal world of thoughts and emotions.


    • What is a thought and where is it?
    • What is its power over me and can I control it?

Emotions and sensations

    • What are Emotions and sensations made of and where are they?
    • What is the importance of emotions to a person?
    • What is suppressing emotions and how does it feel?
    • What is emotional flooding?
    • What is an emotional release?

My inner world

    • What is the subconscious mind?
    • Relaxation meditation training and guided imagery meditation.
    • Getting acquainted with the content of my internal world through relaxation and guided imagery meditations.
    • Experience light and heavy emotions.
    • Emotional release.
    • Getting to know my inner voice.
    • Getting to know my inner child.

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