? What do I want

what do I want? A woman is looking at a lake

?What do I want

What do I want? is one of the questions I ask myself every once in a while.

The following story will explain the question’s importance:

Some time ago a nice woman asked me to do some channeling for her.
It’s not something that I do often and it’s not my main expertise but I do love the practice.

The woman sat across me, put her hands over my hands and I closed my eyes.

Then she asked me a few questions, the answers came to me pretty fast by pictures, I answered and I explained in detail what I saw.

She was excited, approved the answers and so we continued until we got to the last question.

In this question, she wanted to know what is her developmental potential in the workplace.

The picture that came to my mind showed me that she lights up the people around her and that everyone loves her.

I could see that she like it there, that she like the people and the place.

It was a very specific picture showing that she is surrounded by her colleagues and there is a lot of energy of laughter and joy.

In the mental picture I saw, she had such good energy, showing me that she can actually achieve anything she wants.

Her positive energy runs all the forces in her favor.

?Where is the will

Then I kept looking for the following picture but the picture didn’t change.

I kept searching for it, but still, the picture did not come and I wasn’t even able to see ahead.

At this point, I have to say that I don’t believe in a specific future.

In my opinion, the future is a continuation of the present, an outcome of the current present.

Meaning, changing the current present, will change the future accordingly.

By that definition, we have endless potential ways in life which mean that we can have many possible futures.

So I actually searched for a picture in the present that will give me some kind of clue regarding her developmental potential in the workplace in the future.

Although I saw a lot of good energy at work, I couldn’t see anything about the work itself, about her wishes concerning her job.

Will definition

So I asked her the million-dollar question:
Do you know what you really want?
Have you ever asked yourself “what do I want?”

Her silence testified that she never gave it a thought before and that she can’t give an immediate answer.

I tried to help so I asked her a few more questions:
• Would you like to be part of a team or you rather work by yourself?
• Do you want to sit next to others or you rather have your own office.
• What would you prefer? a managerial post? to give service? Other?
And some more questions in order for her to be able to define exactly what she wants.

My final conclusion was that she has the ability to get what she wants and for that to happen, she needs to be very clear about her desires.

Our desires are the power that leads us forward and when we have no clear definition of our desires, we stand still.

It’s like wanting the GPS to take us somewhere without specifying an address.

Only after specifying an address, we can start the way to our destination.

Finding what do I want

When people come to me for treatment and say that they don’t know what they really want, I always say that the desires already exist within us is just that no one has ever taught us how to fish them out.

In order to know what do I want, I need to search first for my real needs.

Most of our desires will be based on our mental needs.

Our main needs are usually the need for security, love, freedom and a sense of self-acceptance (self-worth).

All these needs lead us to the greatest need of all which is the need for peace of mind (a state of balance, harmony, etc’).

(Maslow’s hierarchy of needs describes this)

Few examples of the connecting between wants and needs:

The desire for money and abundance is actually the need for security.

A desire for a relationship can be the need for security, love, self-acceptance.

The desire for a career can be the need for confidence, self-acceptance, freedom.

So if a person does not know what he wants, he should look inside and find out his needs.

For example, you can see that people who choose to be self-employed usually have a bigger need for freedom comparing to people who choose to be employees.

The real needs come from our original personality with whom we came into the world before it was unconsciously distorted.

It is worth looking inside and exploring our inner world and discovering our true needs and then finding our true desires

There is nothing like the feeling of “returning home” and being me, my true self.

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