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Subconscious Mind Therapy - Yael Goffman Subconscious Mind Therapist

Subconscious Mind therapy - Emotional therapy for adults

Subconscious mind therapy is a concept that refers to a person’s inner world treatment that includes thoughts, emotions, feelings and sensations.

We are already aware today that in order to create a real change in our lives, there is the need to access the thoughts and feelings area in order to start the change from there.

The most influential thoughts and feelings are created in early childhood between ages of 3 to 6. ever since then they are constantly operating within us and many times limiting our abilities.

The Treatment

The treatment is intuitive therapy.

I am listening attentively to the patient’s emotional experiences since the previous treatment and I create the treatment accordingly.

Our psyche is so smart, it knows exactly what is bothering it, we just need to ask the right questions.

The subconscious mind and the inner world are waiting to be released from things that are burdensome to the soul. They are always trying to raise awareness of disruptive issues.

It can happen by an internal trigger that can be an unpleasant feeling that will suddenly arise.

Or by an external trigger, reality will bring you cases that will make you feel uncomfortable and create tension in your body.

The Treatment process

Treatment is done on a treatment bed when the patient is covered with a blanket and eyes closed.

The goal of lying down and closing your eyes is to relax your body as much as possible so that all focus goes into the inner world.

Covering the patient with a blanket provides him with a sense of security.

Subconscious therapy always begins with the connection to a pleasant relaxation, a sense of freedom and release in our body.

When the patient feels calm, I begin to direct him into his inner world by guided imagination when I occasionally ask him for feedback on what he sees, what he feels and what he senses in his body.

The patient’s imagination kicks in and shows the patient images, thoughts, emotions, and sensations.

In terms of treatment, it doesn’t really matter if the patient sees it as realistic or imaginary.

What matters to me as a therapist is what are the contents that are absorbed into the brain, basically what does his brain believes.

The contents may be memories but on the other hand, they can also be interpretations of the brain and are just as important and influential.


In the inner world, part of our mental content is content that weighs on us.

Each person has the potential to release it, thus creating a lighter inner world and, accordingly, a lighter external world will emerge outside of us.

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