All is foreseen but freedom of choice is given

All is foreseen but freedom of choice is given

There is a Hebrew ancient saying “all is foreseen but freedom of choice is given”.

This saying had always fascinated me as it contradicts itself.

I love this sentence, I really love it, perhaps because it is an enigma to me, spiritual and intriguing.

Every once in awhile the sentence used to pop up in my mind.

Each time I said “Not yet, I still don’t understand its real meaning”.

After all, if all is foreseen, therefore everything has already been decided for us and we have no choices at all, so where exactly the freedom of choice exists?

Are there any intermediate stops? Exit points? Life crossroads in which you can get to choose where to go next?

Subconscious Blockages

The word that confuses me is “all”, “all” is absolute and it does not leave spaces.

What I always knew in my sensors is that the freedom of choice is related somehow to self-awareness work.

At the same time, I couldn’t see where the freedom of choice exists if all is foreseen.

It was only after I learned the Arian Lev method that the puzzle pieces started to fall into place.

The method explains that from the age of 0 to 10, the subconscious is open to various influences.

During this time, some beliefs find their way to us.

These beliefs are combined together and forming subconscious blockages that create behavior patterns that include heavy emotions.

?When does freedom of choice taking place

From the age of 10 to 20, these subconscious blockages, along with all the other influences that were absorbed to our subconscious mind, are formed and create our selves.

The created self can often be quite different from the original self we were born with because it contains behavior patterns, thoughts, and feelings that been created by the mind as a direct result of the subconscious blockages.

The subconscious blockages are not parts of our true source, original self (they can be removed).

But we believe them to be our character as we burned them into our mind at a very early age and as soon as it happened, it been stored in the subconscious.

For that reason, we have no recollection of and no knowledge about it.

We can only see their results as behavior patterns, certain thoughts, and feelings that harm and limits us in different ways.

At this stage (age 10-20), the personality, the self is being formed according to all the information we had absorbed up until this point.

A gap between what we feel/think (as a result of the subconscious blockages) to our true desires and inner voice is created.

A gap between our true self we were born with to a false self.  (This can also explain many of the adolescence problems).

This formatting stage leads to independence such as a driving license, higher education, leaving home, etc.

This independence also leads to the ability to think for ourselves, the ability to start making choices in life.

According to the Arian Lev method, around the age of 20, the self-formation process is ended and the person is ready for spiritual connection.

At the Independence and spiritual connection’s stage, a door is being opened for us – a door to “freedom of choice”.

Game of Life

And so the game of life starts here:

We are all blocked in one way or another, it is part of our evolution, it has its purpose.

The goal is development, evolvement that occurs while removing the barriers in our mind.

The process itself faces us with the lies we were telling ourselves about ourselves and confront us with the truth.

Which is, we are much better than we think and believe, we are actually pure love and pure energy.

At this “freedom of choice” stage, you get two options:

  1. You can choose the “expected” way you are familiar with, it is the one you are taking today and will continue to take and by that, we mean “expected”.

  2. The second way is the “freedom of choice” way.
    This way gives you the option to change the “expected” way.

    This way is not always easy, there are ups and downs, it’s a way you had never taken before and you are not familiar with.

    You do not have GPS so you’re not sure where you’re going.

    Occasionally monsters appearing and then disappearing.

    Occasionally darkness comes down and everything looks scary and then it is shining and warming again while your heart expands, filled with good feelings.

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