Subconscious Programming

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Subconscious Programming

What is subconscious programming and how it is actually created?

We are all born with the potential of being happy, healthy, free, and peaceful in order to enjoy, experience and actually evolve in life. 

When we are in this potential situation (mostly at very early childhood), we have perfect energy flow in our bodies.

The energy flows throughout the body and reaches every region and organ and fills it with energy. 

This is a healthy situation, physically but also mentally.

Our beginning is characterized by this situation up until something gradually starts changing this.

As kids, our mind passively absorbs and creates many kinds of ideas and thoughts.

Among them, beliefs that contain heavy emotions.

We as kids expect to be loved, protected, etc’ and when we don’t get it we may experience heavy emotions.

A thought that carries heavy emotion might be fixated in the mind in the form of an equation.

Meaning, the subconscious can make a conclusion that if X exists then Y happens.

From now on this equation will control our mind and will operate within us without us knowing.

This is subconscious programming.


For example, a baby girl is being separated from the mother’s womb at the moment of birth.

Separated from a cozy and warm womb that gave her a sense of protection and now she is experiencing cold feelings and discomfort.

From the first second that the baby gets out, she wants to get back to the warm feeling. 

Instead, she is being put on a cold metal table and experiences discomfort.

She just wants the warmth and loving feeling of her mother and when she is not getting it, she begins to feel rejected – not loved.

The baby experiences sadness along with unpleasant sensations in the body while her mind also makes a conclusion.

She desperately needs to feel the energy of love but instead, she feels rejected and comes to the conclusion that love = rejection.

Meaning, she now believes that when she feels the need for love, she doesn’t get it and being rejected.

From the moment the subconscious made a strong conclusion while feeling heavy emotion, the mind of the child will start acting accordingly.

For example, if we use this example, rejection topics will appear in all its forms as soon as she will feel the energy of love.

Her mind will reject any form of love energy as this is what programmed in her mind.

When this is being transmitted to the external world, the external world acts accordingly and summoning back rejection issues.

?How does subconscious programming manifest itself in reality

Following the example of the baby, the baby grew up and now she is a young woman.

She will reject those who want her as she feels the energy of love from them.

She will be attracted to those who reject her – if love is rejection, she will seek love in places of rejection.

These 2 first examples you can see in life in the form of “I don’t want those who want me and want those who don’t want me”.

Rejecting love energy can be also manifest in reality as:
low salary, lack of money, etc.
Abundance is part of love energy as well as the good feeling, joy, happiness, etc.

Conditioning or equation in the mind acts as subconscious blocking as it blocks from a person to be completely free to live his life, to be who he really is and to attract the right things to his life.

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