Inner child – Healing your inner child

The inner child, eyes looking out of hiding

We are a projection of the inner child

All of us have an inner child.

An inner child is actually a set of thoughts, emotions, sensations that we experienced in childhood and remain embedded in us as a permanent pattern.

In the present, we are experiencing thoughts and emotions that come from the child within without even knowing that we have no control over them as they operate within us as an automaton.

In fact, we received an inheritance from our childhood that lies within us and effects
our adult lives 90% of the time.

Emotions inherited+ innate personality traits = us in the present.

We are essentially a kind of projection of the child within.

It is as if the inner child is the software installed on the computer and the adult is the screen.

The adult projecting what is programmed in the software.

In order to make changes in our emotional state, we need to access the software, the child within.

That means the inner child’s thoughts and emotions that are hidden in the body and to change them from there.

Healing your inner child

Children are much more free to express their Emotions.

For the child to express emotions is a natural thing, he does not think about it he simply expresses what he feels.

You can easily see on a child’s face what he feels like, it’s just that as we grow we begin to mask our feelings.

The inner child, who is actually the idea of the child in our mind, his memory which you carry within you, also needs to express his Emotions.

But remember this time it is as an idea within you.

To connect with him, it is advisable to do this with relaxation, lying down with your eyes closed.

You can imagine him around the ages of 4 to 5 years old.

Allow him to tell you everything he wants and express whatever emotion he wants to express.

Remember that he needs your attention, your touch and your embrace in the internal world.

All that he lacks you can give him through guided imagination.

Many times the communicating and connecting with him requires training.

The connection is not always possible at first.
some patients had mixed emotions towards him and it took time to bring them closer.

In other patients, they did not know him at all and did not understand how to connect with him.


Over the years we have lost contact with the inner child and so we have stopped relating to it.

The child is always there and at any time, the relationship can be strengthened and renewed.

Don’t be afraid if it takes time, just to know it’s possible.

When the inner child expresses his emotions while he feels the adult supports him, it gives both of them a sense of peace of mind.

It feels like inner parts that were separated have united and there is greater peace in the mental kingdom.

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