Guided Meditation

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?Guided Meditation - how to meditate

The purpose of guided meditation, in general, is to enter our inner world.

I will include several types of meditation below.

In order to enter the inner world, it is necessary to disengage from the external world in order for all focus to be on the inner world.

One way to disengage from the outside is to relax your body and by doing so to lower the focus from it.

The reason we dream at night and visit our inner world is that the body is loose and detached from our awareness, this allows us to fly to different districts.

In order to disengage and relax our bodies, we need comfortable sitting or lying down.

I personally recommend lying on a bed or a comfortable chair with the ability to lift your legs up.

The idea is not to feel any effort in holding your body so that nothing interferes with traveling in the inner world.

Of course, it is important that you have privacy and quiet in order to lower the level of tension as much as possible.

One last thing, choose voice meditation that you feel comfortable with.

Choose something that you connect with in terms of music, human voice energy, meditation story.

Notice that all sounds blend harmoniously into your body.

:Types of meditation

Sleep meditation

A brief explanation before doing the sleep meditation:

Meditation for sleep is done while lying in bed, it’s a preparation of body and mind for sleep.

Sleep is a situation we have no control over.

Our body becomes loose and our mind wanders wherever it chooses through dreams.

Insomnia happens when it’s hard for us to let go, it often comes from the energy of fear or worry.

Sleep is important for health.

The body needs a few hours of total relaxation each day, it’s kind of body and mind restart.

That is why it’s important to allow your body to relax and be loose.

When it’s hard for us to let go or we just can’t, it’s important to say over and over again:
“I agree to let go”
“It’s healthy to let go”
“It’s good for the body to let go”
Again and again and again and again.

It’s recommended to say these sentences before meditation to prepare your body for relaxation.

It’s possible that if you will keep doing meditation plus the sentences before, that at some point the brain will simply be “educated” and get into relaxation much faster, it is all about brain training.

(If this doesn’t happen after many tries, it means that there is great resistance in the brain that usually comes with the fear of letting go and being out of control).

Relaxation meditation…..soon

Healing meditation….soon

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