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Subconscious Mind Therapist

Yael Goffman - Subconscious Mind Therapist

I became a subconscious mind therapist due to a long trip of more than 20 years in the depths of mind and consciousness.

Curiosity and the need for a better life attracted me to explore the nature of our internal world.

During the years, I was able to gather great knowledge of understanding the human psyche.
Therefore today I’m spreading this knowledge to the world.

Today my goal is to help people make a real difference in their lives by connecting them to their internal world.

This world is the world of thoughts and emotions which also creates the perception of ourselves.

My path toward self-awareness and spiritual awareness began in 1994 when I was 22 years old.

My journey

At that time I realized that I did not know who I was, what was my role in the world?

What made me feel good? and above all what I really wanted.

The questions surrounded me and gave me no rest.

As a result, I had to start doing some self-searching.

The imbalance was so strong that my entire essence sought to achieve balance.

I was attracted to any kind of spiritual information, almost everything intrigued me.

Everything seemed like magic, my mind was insatiable and kept looking for more and more information.

More and more spiritual stimuli, more and more evolvement.

Over the years, spiritual information abundance has grown and it also became more and more accurate.

This led me to meet amazing teachers with whom I actually found my way, found myself.

I finally understood that in my soul I am a researcher that researcher myself, the people around me, this life and learns while observing and experiencing.

My path included:

  • Emotion / Sensory Transformation – A method of therapy that I developed to release the energy of a trapped emotion.
  • Healing treatment
  • Subconscious treatment according to the Arian Lev method
  • The voices within
  • Theory of Types
  • Byron Katie “the work”
  • Insights of the Mayan tribe
  • Mediation
  • EFT
  • Rebirthing
  • Reiki
  • Landmark Education (Forum + Advanced Forum)


Today I continue to study, develop and also explore our psyche through life experiences of mine and also my patients while my goal is, first of all, to bring people to balance, tranquility and above all genuine acceptance of themselves.

This can be achieved due to unique and real work in our inner world, which respectively changes our external world.

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